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Zero Gravity Massage Chair Benefits You Can’t Miss Out On

by Louis Miller

If you are looking for a recliner chair that can massage your whole body, you must look for the features the chair has to offer. One of the most anticipated features of a massage chair or any other recliner chair is the Zero-gravity feature. Only the high-quality chairs come with this feature with its perfection. If you’ve heard the name of the feature, you have probably been wondering how this feature works and zero gravity massage chair benefits? Those who are searching for some answers to those questions, read this article till the end and you will have a satisfying quest.

What is the Zero Gravity Feature?

Zero gravity massage chair benefitsTo understand the zero-gravity feature, You have to go some decades back in the 1960s, When the NASA scientist was going through a significant issue. The problem was about the Gravity force while launching the rocket to space. The astronauts were facing a problem to cope with the effects of G Force. 

They realized that the human body isn’t made to handle such Gravity force, So they had to get into research and they came with a simple yet powerful solution for the problem. They developed a chair that enables the astronauts to go to a posture where their body weight is evenly distributed into the chair and they become weightless. And that made it possible to cope with G force.

The same concept applies in the Zero-gravity massage chair industry with the same techniques to make you feel weightless and Zero-G.

How Does Zero Gravity Work?

When you are sitting on a zero-gravity chair, the posture and the sitting experience is completely different from a regular chair. A recliner zero-gravity chair will take you to the zero gravity position in a few steps:

  • First, the chair will elevate your feet are up while the torso will lean back. In this position, your feet will be higher than your head position. It’s called the Trendelenburg position.
  • Then the chair makes some adjustments to the posture to take your whole body parts to a certain angle. 
  • Your body weight will be equally distributed throughout the whole chair and make you feel all weightless. This happens with the astronauts get while escaping the earth’s gravitational pull

The Zero Gravity Massage Chair Benefits

Improved blood circulation:

Zero gravity massage chair benefitsWhen your legs are lifted up above your heart and the head, your blood vessels are opened up and the blood circulation is increased. When the right chamber of your heart gets the toxified blood, it sends the blood to the lungs to oxygenate. Boost immune system Improves by that. 

While in zero gravity mode, more blood goes through this process, which makes sure that your blood takes more oxygen. So, your limbs get more blood with more oxygen and this process unclear all the edema and swelling in the legs, arms and other tissues in other organs. 

Good for the lungs:

Our body is a huge ecosystem and the lung is one of the most important participants in the ecosystem is the lung. The lung works very closely with the diaphragm. When you are in zero gravity mode, the diaphragm lets the lungs expand more than it would while you are standing or sitting in a regular position.

So the lungs can work more to supply more oxygen into the body, And this is highly beneficial to your body. 

Muscle, neck, and back relaxation:

When you are in the Zero gravity mode, you’ll feel no weight and you’ll get the sensation of floating into space. This will make your mind calmer and because of the extended blood circulation and more blood flow to the muscles and other organs. Moreover, it will alleviate pain and headaches, relieve your stress, reduce back pain, stress, tension, and anxiety. Furthermore, this massage technique will tune up the muscles and ease them.

Other special benefits:

There are so many other benefits of a zero gravity chair Other than the mentioned once. It can effectively mobilize lymphatic circulation, Decompress and improve spine alignment, improve your sleep quality, keep depressions out, improve body posture, regulate high blood pressure and generate more flexibility.

Why Should You Buy a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

If you are thinking about buying a zero-gravity massage chair, but don’t have the idea about how it’s going to pay you off, here is why you should consider buying a massage chair with zero gravity feature.

Great time saver:

A zero gravity massage chair takes your full body to its optimal position within a very short time and ease your muscles and free up the blood circulation quickly. For that level of hand massage, you have to spend a lot of time even the whole day hiring a professional massager. But a chair can be fitted in your house that can mechanically message you instantly. It’s a great time saver for the busy day of an active person. 

Whole new experience and fresh mind:

Getting a regular massage from a therapist with a regular posture and getting a massage with a zero-gravity sensation is completely different. You will feel the ultimate ease, the calmness of your body and mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do zero gravity chairs help back pain?

Yes. It effectively eases your spine and makes the best possible posture to the back. So your whole back gets to relax and relief from pain. It also improves blood circulation to your back along with the blood’s immune system.

Can you sleep on your side in a zero-gravity position?

Zero gravity is a natural way to relax your body, it takes your body to the optimal position and eliminates stress. So, if you don’t have any bad posture while lying on your side, it’s okay to sleep on your side in a zero-gravity position.

What is Zero gravity position in bed?

Zero-gravity beds are made with an adjustable frame, which is adjustable in several positions. Just like the zero-gravity chairs.

How do I adjust my bed to zero gravity position?

you can adjust the bed posture in the 128-degree angle with a variety of more or less than 7 degrees between the thigh and abdomen. It will distribute your whole body mass into the bed.

Is Zero Gravity good for your back?

With the help of zero-gravity, your whole back including the spine, lower and upper limbs go into an optimal position where your body can relax with the most possible relaxation. So, it benefits your back.

Final Thoughts

A zero gravity position in a chair or bed can give you the most relaxing and maximum comfort while sitting, laying or getting a massage. If you are an active worker who is busy all day, think about getting a full body relaxation after the stressful long day or starting a day with a fresh body and mind where all the muscles are completely ready to support you the best. We hope that our discussion on zero gravity massage chair benefits has removed your hesitation on buying one. 

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