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What Is The Best Massage Chair ? – Learn Complete Guide

by Louis Miller

If you talk about living a healthy and active life in the era of modern science, you must mention the contributions of all the scientific equipment we use in our daily life. Among hundreds of equipment, a mechanical massage chair would be mentioned as one of the most anticipated ones for a really long time now.

With the help of ever-evolving development in the fitness industry, massage chairs have been through so many developments and they are becoming more and more helpful at living a healthy life. But when you are planning about getting a massage chair, there are so many variations and features to choose from. So, you may ask What is the best massage chair and what features should I look for? Don’t worry because we are going to answer all of your queries in this article.

What Is The Best Massage Chair?

A massage chair works with a combination of rollers, motors, bars, heating pads, airbags and so many other machines that can track, massage and recline your body even with Zero-gravity technology.

It’s particularly designed to massage your whole body or a part of it. A massage chair will allow you an easy-access lower arm. Besides that, modern massage chairs have more features like particular massage methods like Japanese shiatsu, Chinese Acupoint therapy, Thai massage and so on.

Types of a Massage Chair

If you’re thinking about getting a massage chair for yourself, you must be wondering how many types are there for massage chairs. well, the answer is, For different purposes, there are so many different types of massage chairs, such as:

  • Full body massage chairs- For those who want to use a massage chair for multipurpose massager, usually they have all types of specifications available with them.
  • Air massage Chairs- For the people who work all day and do muscle intensive works. Airbags can ease your muscles.
  • Heated Massage chairs- Specially designed for people with back pain and lumbar support.
  • Zero gravity recliner- These types of massage chairs take you to an optimum position where you feel weightless, It has plenty of health benefits, you can visit here if you want to know the benefits of zero gravity massage chairs benefits.
  • Ottoman massage chairs- This kind of massage chair has two different parts, one for your upper body, one for the lower part.
  • Partial massagers- These are not chairs particularly. They are more of a singular part massager which can be used on a small spot of your body.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair?

There are countless health benefits of using a massage chair. here are some:

  • Release more Endorphin from your brain
  • Bring more flexibility to the body
  • Improve blood pressure level
  • Improve one’s sleeping quality
  • Keep out from depression
  • Decompress your spine and improve posture
  • Improve your spinal alignment
  • Alleviate your headache and pain
  • Boost your lymphatic circulation
  • Improves your immune system
  • Improve your blood circulation and blood flow
  • Loosen your muscles and relax them
  • Reduce tension, stress, and anxiety

Safety tips

Although a massage chair has tons of benefits you can have access to, there are some safety precautions you must know before getting a massage chair and you have to follow them strictly.

  • Use an appropriate electric adapter to supply electricity to the chair. don’t use any unauthorized electric adapter to run the chair.
  • Do regular check if the electric lines both in the chair and the wall socket are fine and working well. 
  • Unplug your chair right after using it from the electric line and before you clean it. 
  • Don’t start the chair without using it, sitting on it. 
  • Don’t keep the chair to any hot place or near to fire.
  • Don’t let your kid use it if he/she is under 6 years old. If the kid is more than 6 years old, make sure you keep an eye on him/her.
  • for pregnant women, Intense vibration and keening with a massage chair can harm the fetus inside her.

How To Choose a Good Massage Chair?

What is the best massage chairGetting a massage chair for yourself can be a tricky job if you have no idea what you are looking for. there are tons of facilities and criteria you will have in massage chairs. Be specific about your needs and look for the features you need in the chair you are going to buy. Here are some of the most common features that you may want in your chair:

Body Scan Technology:

Body scanner technology will scan your whole back including your spine, lumbar, hips, buttock and makes a plan of custom massage according to your body shape and size. Be sure to check if you are getting S-track or L-track tech included. But some cutting edge high tech chairs also offer both at the same time, SL Double tracker. 

Massage Rollers:

Massage chairs have 1st generation and 2nd generation rollers. 1st gen rollers are used in the very low-end old tech chairs. 2nd gen chairs are used in the latest chairs with more features. Rollers should be a good number in the count. 

Heat Massage: 

A good massage chair will come with a built-in heating therapy technology. Heating therapy pads are usually located under the backrest covering the whole of your back or just the lower back. Some chairs offer heating therapy for your calves, feet as well. Be sure to check that out.

Air Compression Massage: 

This is a must-have feature in a massage chair if you are getting it to get rid of muscle fatigue, stress, and strain. The more amount of airbag you have, the more convenient it will be for you to get stress free.

Vibration Massage: 

A good massage chair will offer you a vibration massage pad under your buttock or for any other body parts like thighs, calves, arms, etc.

Zero Gravity: 

Zero gravity technology is the latest trend most of the good quality chairs have. But, there are variations in this segment. Some of the chairs will offer you only one setting for Zero gravity technology. But you make sure that the zero gravity technology has 3 different altitude settings with it.

3D/4D Massages: 

Also known as the deep tissue massage by some of the manufacturers. If you have an S-tracking or L-tracking tech in it, it already moves and massages with a 3D tracking method. 4D technology takes the feature even further. It will go some extra 3-4 inches to track and massage your whole back from neck to hip 

Spinal Stretch: 

Built-in stretching technology is another cool feature you should look for while shopping for a chair. Some call it Yoga stretch as well. It will grab your feet and neck tight and stretch your whole body including the spine and ease your whole body. It will give you immediate relief from pain by taking the pressure off your spine, shoulder plexus, neck discs, and hip bones

Manual Control: 

Apart from the automatic massage methods, a good massage chair will come with a manual control setting as well. With the help of a manual setting, you will be able to stupa custom message targeting a specific body part and control the intensity levels and every other feature they have.

Massage Chair Material: 

No matter how impressive the features are, if you don’t have a good build-material to the chair, you won’t be able to use it for a long time. A premium chair can easily las you years without having any problem. But a bad one will disappoint you. Try to get a chair that has the best build material inside and outside. The exterior cover should be made from leather. 

Remote Control:

Be sure to choose a massage chair that comes with a convenient control panel. A wireless remote controller will be the best choice. 

Silent Operation:

Before buying the chair, make sure to get a hands-on review on it that it doesn’t make too much noise that it becomes uncomfortable using in the house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the massage chair every day?

It’s not recommended to use a massage chair every day. You should use it 2-3 times a week.

How long should you be on a massage chair?

You can use a massage for 30 minutes at most in a row. using a massage chair for more than 30 minutes isn’t recommended. 

Can massage chairs be harmful?

If you don’t follow the safety precautions, it can be harmful to your body. So, use it safely.

Can you sit in a massage chair pregnant?

Yes, you can sit in a massage chair while you are pregnant, be some of the manufacturers discourage people to do so. Because the back massaging nodes can stimulate premature labor. But there is no evidence that proves it to be harmful. Still, be sure to use it with a low-intensity level. 

Can a massage chair hurt your back?

If you are suffering from a back injury, it can. Use a low-intensity setting if you’re a new user.

Bottom Line

We hope that you could properly answer your question which is what is the best massage chair? Going through hundreds of reviews of several massage chair brands and models, we could clearly see the ones that are reliable and perform better. Our recommendation is to read those reviews and choose according to your budget for a better and stress-free life.

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