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Real Relax Massage Chair Reviews for 2020 – Complete Guide

by Louis Miller

Real Relax Massage Chair ReviewsImagine you come from work, and you’re so tired that you cannot even stand with the bag on your shoulder. Now think of a device that can make you feel like you are so fresh and rejuvenated that you can start working again. That is the work of a massage chair and it can take you to another dimension where you feel the soreness going away from your body and the muscles are rebuilding.

But, getting a massage chair can be a real tough job when it comes to the price range. Now, what about having an option to get a massage chair with every possible feature within an affordable price range? Yes, that’s what we’re going to talk about. From our Real relax massage chair reviews, you will get some really good deal with really good features.

About the Brand

The first thing is the brand name. It’s obvious that you want to know Is the brand name worth it? Does the name stand out for the real-life experience? Well, with some hands-on experience of some chairs from this brand, I’d say you can get a real relax after a long stressful day with a real relaxing massage chair for sure. In this real relax massage chair recliner review, I’m going to get you through the specs this brand is offering with different models of the recliner chair. 

Despite the budget range and a little less market-reach to the United States, the features and specifications of this brand chairs will definitely leave you scratching your head and thinking about getting one for yourself as well. 

Benefits of the Real Relax Massage Chair

Before we jump into the discussion of model-specific specifications, let’s talk about the common benefits a real relax massage chair offers you compared to the high-end brand-gimmick massage chairs.

Release more endorphin:

Endorphin is known as an important Happy chemical in our body released from our brain. It is known as the natural painkiller because it activates the opioid receptors in our brain to reduce all the discomfort in our body keeps us positive, active and stress-free. Massage chairs release more endorphins by acupoint massage and trigger point therapy in so many ways.

Relieve from Constipation:

Despite it sounds unusual, but a real relax massage chair can help you big time if you have constipation. With the help of Japanese shiatsu massage therapy and stretching in the abdominal area can help you get relief from constipation. 

Get rid of back pain with heat therapy:

Heat therapy is a well-known way to get relief from pain. Real Relax massage chairs come with Built-in heat therapy in the backrest to help you get rid of back pain and soreness. Heated paddings also help you if you are in a fat-burning process. 

Improvement in circulation:

One of the main benefits of using a massage chair is that your blood circulation will increase much higher. With the increment in your blood circulation, you get a much higher flow of oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes throughout your body and brain. So you start living a tension free healthy life.

Helps you sleep better than ever:

When all your muscles, bones, blood vessels are clogged free and relaxed, you will be able to sleep much better. Real Relax massage chairs are designed to take all your tension off and your muscles become easier and help you get deep sleep easier than ever.

Get rid of muscle fatigue and soreness:

If you do muscle intensive works, it’s easy to get muscle tension and fatigue because of the pressure on the muscles in your body. But Real Relax massage chair makes sure that you are getting the optimum relief from muscle tension, soreness, and fatigue.

Improves your posture:

One of the main reasons behind back pain is bad posture. When you are using a Real Relax massage chair, It covers the body, stretches it, massages it, lets you take more oxygen and gives you a better posture.

Note: Massage chairs from Real Relax have zero-gravity feature and you can check out the zero gravity massage chair benefits.

Best 3 Real Relax Massage Chair Reviews

Among the real relax massage chairs, we picked up the most beneficial 3 massage chairs that could meet your every aspect of desire from a massage chair. 

1. Real Relax 3D Massage Chair Recliner with Robotic Body Scan

Real Relax 3D Massage Chair Recliner with Robotic Body Scan

The Robotic SL tracking technology of this massage chair will track and scan your whole body starting from your neck, all the way down to your buttock, covering your shoulders, upper and lower back, waist, hips, and buttock. That covers 80% of your body and relaxes the muscles in different areas. For this reason, the SL track feature is preferred and high-end chairs come with it.

The remote controller will give you some preset options where you can also choose the specific type for a custom massage therapy. You will get plenty of automatic massage methods like Shiatsu, kneading, knocking, tapping, or a combo. Depending on your situation and desire, you can massage yourself in multiple massage modes as well, such as Strong mode, Sleep mode, Relaxing mode. And you don’t have to avoid one because of a high intensive strongness.

All the modes in the real relax 3d massage chair recliner comes with adjustable intensity levels as max, min, and medium. You will have a sleep mode as well. You can enable the zero-gravity mode with the preferable one from the 3 levels of zero gravity, and set the chair into a timer for up to 30 minutes. Now go to sleep without any tension and the chair will turn off automatically after the given time. 

Real Relax 3D Massage Features:

  • This chair comes with 6 different auto massage methods including a manual method.
  • The SL smart body scanner scans your body shape, height, width, and height.
  • It comes with a speaker system with Bluetooth connectivity for music while massaging.
  • It comes with a built-in heating therapy tech with adjustable temperature control.
  • The reclining feature will give you 3 levels of adjustability to set the most comfortable position.

2. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair Recliner with Yoga Stretch

Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair Recliner with Yoga Stretch

This real relax full body massage chair recliner is equipped with 3D Robotic hands that use the S-tracking technology to measure your whole spine and all the curves and bumps of it. You can adjust the width of the rollers according to your shoulder size. After taking the measurement, you can massage your whole body with multiple auto massage programs like Relax, Strong, Chinese, Thai, Yoga Stretch and sleep mode 

You can have a complete relaxing ambiance when you lay on this real relax massage chair recliner. Just set a timer to massage your body (up to 15 minutes) and listen to some music using the built-in speaker system with Bluetooth connectivity. If you have back pain, use the heating therapy that comes with the chair too. The heating pads are located just behind your lower back and there’s more. 

This chair comes with a vibration seat to relieve you from day long stress and soreness. To add more spice, there are tons of airbags to give you a full-body air massage as well. The Zero-gravity technology will push your feet up and bring the head down to the heart and make you weightless. For tall persons, the footrest is extendable and provides comfortable sitting. Moreover, the rollers placed in the footrest will relive you from foot soreness and improve your sleeping condition.

Real Relax Full Features:

  • This chair has double padded heating therapy for back pain relief.
  • There are 50 Airbags for air massage with intensity controllable remote.
  • For foot massage therapy, it comes with airbags in the leg area and rollers in the footrest area.
  • There are 12 massage techniques in this chair for a versatile massage experience.
  • This chair can accommodate a person with up to 6.1 ft tall and 440 lbs.

3. Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner 

Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner

This real relax full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair is a well customizable and multifunctional recliner that will impress you with its features. It has zero gravity technology like the other models on the list. When you hit the zero-gravity button, the chair will bring up your feet 10 cm above your heart and bring down the head bellow your hear level by 20 cm. Doing this, the chair will distribute your whole body weight into the chair. As a result, you will feel completely weightless.

While getting weightless, you can massage your whole back from the neck to your buttock using the massage rollers that will include your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, waist, hips. And for your buttock, there is a vibration pad attached under the seat. If you want to get rid of the severe back pain, there are double heating pads behind your lower back. And for extra heating therapy, there are another two heating pads under your feet as well.

If you hit the gym or do muscle works that leaves your muscles with soreness and muscle tension, the intense amount of airbags got your back. The air massage will make sure you get rid of muscle fatigue and stress and rejuvenate you. They will cover your shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, calves, feet are. The double foot rollers are capable of simulating a deep tissue massage on the acupoints and promote your blood circulation.

Real Relax Massage Features:

  • This chair comes with 8 back massage rollers and 4-foot massage rollers.
  • It has 6 different auto massage preset programs.
  • There are 50 airbags to cover your whole body’s muscles.
  • The massage rollers and the airbag massage have 3 intensity levels.
  • It will accommodate a person with up to 400 pounds and 6.1 feet tall.

Who needs a Real Relax massage chair?

Not everyone lives the same life and does the same job for a living. That’s why everyone with the need for a full body massage chair has some criteria. Here are the things you should know if you are looking forward to a massage chair:

A regular person:

If you are a regular person without a specific need, you should get a full body massage chair with a zero-gravity recliner feature in it. Because you will be able to get the optimum relaxation with it and that will cover your whole body from head to toe. The features you may look for in the full body massage chair are Heating therapy, Air massage therapy, Intelligent body tracker, foot massager, foot heating, bigger accommodation and as many more as possible.

Those with back pain:

If you have back pain and thinking about getting a massage chair, The very first feature you should look for is the heating technology. If the massage chair has a heating therapy built-in, you can have a therapy every time you suffer from the back pain.

Those with muscle work:

If you regularly hit the gym or do a lot of work that takes a lot of muscle strength, the feature in a massage chair you must look for is the air massager. The more versatile the massager will be, the more relaxed the muscles you will have. Air massager helps you regain the muscle tissues and relax them from fatigue. 

Those who walk a lot:

If you walk a lot and your feet get tired so much, the feature you may look in a massage chair at first is the foot roller and calves air massage. Even foot heating tech if possible. This will reconstruct your foot tissues and ease them for a better service afterwords.

Those who need a nap:

If you sit all day and work in the office, and you need to rest with the most optimal position, the zero-gravity enabled chair is a must-have technology in your chair, and it has to be adjustable into different altitude levels. This will allow you to lay on the chair and even sleep in it with maximum ease. You will feel completely weightless while laying on it and it will make your whole body reclined. This technology follows the same tech that NASA use in their space ships. 

Note: Those are valuable information but won’t help you find the most suitable massage chair for you. So, this article will give you the necessary insight to do that.

Massage Chair Safety Precautions

Despite the countless benefits of a massage chair, there are some safety precautions you must follow while using a massage chair.

  • Just like any other electronic equipment, don’t overlook the risk factor of faulty work on electricity. Plug your Chair directly into the wall socket.
  • Massage chairs aren’t for kids. Especially if your kid is under 6 years old, don’t let them get into the chair. Even if the kid is above 6, be sure to keep an eye on him/her.
  • When you are in serious injury, don’t use a massage chair. Don’t use it immediately after surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.  
  • Use a massage chair 2-3 Times a week and less than 30 minutes in a row.
  • Keep your chair out of dirt and too much humidity. It should be cleaned frequently.
  • Don’t use your massage chair if any fault detected.

Final thoughts 

You might be thinking, which chair would be the best choice for you. If you’re a person who believes in perfection and loves an All-in-one massage chair, my suggestion is to look at the main feature of all the chairs. After that, look at your problem that you want to solve with it. Once you are familiar with the various types, all the features, how do they work, how do they benefit, and what features are important to you.

We hope that it will be an easy decision to make after reading our Real relax massage chair review thoroughly. However, you can order our recommended Real Relax Massage Chair which is trusted by hundreds of users.

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