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How To Choose Perfect Massage Chair? – Worth Your Buying

by Louis Miller

The massage chairs have been here for decades now. Over this big scale of time, there have been tons of researches on massage chairs and they evolved to a great tool for health care so far. If you’re going to buy a massage chair for the first time, or after a long period of time, it can be a tricky and difficult job to get the perfect massage chair for you that will match your body and needs just the way you want it. In this article, we will get you through the things on how to choose a perfect massage chair, so that you don’t invest a lot of money in the garbage.

What Is a Massage Chair?

How To Choose Perfect Massage ChairMassaging chairs has a completely different design compared to the chairs we use in our daily life. They are designed to cover your whole body’s massage points such as your shoulders, neck, head, upper and lower back, upper and lower arms, legs, calves, thighs and so on.  

A massage chair works with a combination of motors, rollers, lifting bars, heating pads, airbags and other mechanisms that can track and massage your body. Thre are modern technologies work together inside a massage chair to recline your body with Zero-gravity technology. 

Does This Massage Chair Fit Me?

Almost all the massage chairs are designed to fit in any type of body size, do make sure you will fit in the chair. Do some research and look for the accommodation feature where it says how tall or short a person can be fitted in it. If you are taller than an average person, you can have a look at these chairs with the ability to accommodate persons taller than average.

If you are shorter than average, Massage chairs with the latest technology in them have the ability to take a measurement of your shoulders, spine, and all other body sizes, shapes. They will take measurements of your body size and massage you according to that. 

Types of Massage Chair

As every person has their personal desire to their massage chair, Not any chair will fulfill every purpose you may have. For different users with different needs, there are so many different types of massage chairs.

  • Full body massage chairs- If you want to use it as a multipurpose massager, it’s a good choice. This kind of chair has all the features and specifications you may want from a recliner.
  • Air massage Chairs- This is the type of chair that ease and rebuild your muscles. If you are a gym person or use your muscles a lot at work, this is the one for you.
  • Heated Massage chairs- If you are suffering from back pain, Massage chairs with this feature is a must for you. It will relieve you from back pain and increase blood circulation.
  • Zero gravity recliner- Modern massage chairs have this feature, it’s developed with the NASA Zero-G technology. you can visit here if you want to more about zero gravity massage chairs and benefits of them.
  • Ottoman massage chairs- This type is more of a relaxing chair with two different parts with it. It’s like a regular Ottoman chair, but with the features of a massage chair as well.

How To Choose Perfect Massage Chair?

If you are going to buy your first ever massage chair or buying one after a long time, there are so many things to look for in the spec shit of a massage chair. But which once are the most essential that makes a modern massage chair worth buying? You will know that and have complete knowledge on how to choose a perfect massage chair.

How To Choose Perfect Massage Chair

The budget comes first:

Before we talk about the features and other facilities, the budget is the one thing you have to take into account. Because there is a wide range of choices when it comes to budget. With more budget, there come more features. 

You can find a massage chair starting from $500 to anywhere $7000 and way more. But the entry-level chairs start from $500 to $1500, Mid-range chairs are from $1500 to $6000 and high-end chairs can be anywhere starting from $6000 up to any amount.

But, there are some brands that offer pretty decent features within a budget range as well. You can check out the best budget massage chairs here.

Body scanning and tracking feature:

Before you jump into massaging features, make sure the chair you’re buying has the body scanning technology in it. There are two types of them in modern massage chairs. S-track, L-track and there is another type of tracker, and that’s a combination of S and L, known as SL-track. These features come with good quality massage chairs. 

The main focus of S-track is to take the measurement of your spine with an S-shaped tracking mechanism that measures your back from the neck to the hip. The L-track focuses the measurement further than the hip area because it comes with at least 3″ longer tracking device than the S-tracker. It can track from the neck all the way down to your buttock. 

Apart from tracking your body size, shape, height and width, it also measures your shoulder size and shape and plans a custom massage, personalized only for your body size and shape. 

Chair material and design:

Now, before you jump into the technical features, you should be aware of the durability, look, and comfortability when you will place it in your home and use it. Most of the massage chair covers are made from synthetic leather because it’s very resistant to the heat and vibration the chai produces. So, make sure the chair has a very sturdy build material in it and covered up with good quality leather or synthetic one.

Multiple massage modes:

As the purpose of getting a massage chair is to massage the body with it, you should have the maximum possible massaging variations in it. A good massage chair will have plenty of variations in the massage segment. Modern massage chairs follow some real-life massage methods like Chinese Acupoint therapy, Japanese shiatsu, Thai massage and so on. These methods are set with the auto mode of the chair. Make sure you have maximum types of them in the chair you are getting for yourself.

Manual Mode:

If you are satisfied with all the auto massage modes, you also should have a manual mode in your chair. With the manual mode, you will be able to combine some massage techniques or use a single one. There are a bunch of massage techniques you can find; stretching, Kneading, knocking, tapping, rolling, a combo of different techniques and so on. 

Speed and intensity settings:

If you have a sensitive body or not, you must have control over the intensity level and the speed of your body massage. With that ability, you will be able to control the speed intensity levels of your massage, so that your body doesn’t react negatively in any situation. 

Memory / Recall:

When the S-track or L-tack measures your body from the neck to your buttock, modern massage chairs will adjust the massaging rollers according to your shoulder size and shape. Now, a good massage chair will remember your body shape and size, so that it can massage you with maximum effectiveness every time you sit on it and hit the power button. 

Zero Gravity recliner:

Look at the specifications if the chair comes with zero-gravity features in it. That will take your massaging experience to a whole new level and give you the ultimate pleasure of getting a mechanical massage. It will uplift your feet above your heart level and bring your head down to distribute the body mass into the massage chair and make you feel weightless. If you want to know more about Zero gravity technology in a massage chair and how they work, you can have a look at this article.

Heat & Vibration:

If you have back pain, the most important feature you need in your massage chair is heat therapy technology. Most of the time, the heating mechanism is located behind your lower back, so that it can directly touch your lower back and relieve you from back pain. Sometimes, extra heating pads are available in the calves area, under the footrest too. Be sure to check this out before buying your chair. 

Auto Shut Down:

To keep out the extra tension of turning the chair off in time, you can have a look at the specs if the chair has an auto shut down feature with it. It will enable you to start the chair on with zero gravity, go to sleep and the chair will automatically turn off after a certain time.

Weight, Size:

Massage chairs usually take a lot of space. If you have a space issue in your home, make sure to check out the dimensions of the chair as well. Another important thing is, Pick a chair with a size that can fit into your doorway and the stair if you have one. And make sure the weight of the chair doesn’t bother you.

Space Saving tech:

There is another cool feature some chair offer, a space-saving technology. This cutting-edge technology does a pretty sick job. when you hit the zero-gravity button on the control panel, it will automatically come forward and bring back the backrest. If your chair comes with this technology, you will be able to place it just 3-10 inches to the wall. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a massage chair?

A massage chair has a  special design and lots of technology in it by which, you can have a mechanical massage to your body. 

Are massage chairs effective?

If you can use a massage chair according to the way it supposed to be used, It has great potential to benefit you in a lot of ways like better blood circulation, back pain, muscle fatigue, stress and so on.

How long can you use a massaging chair?

You should use a massage chair up to 30 minutes in a row and 2-3 times in a week but practice with less time if you’re new.

Can I use a massage chair while pregnant?

Yes, you can use a massage chair while pregnant, but it’s recommended not to use it by many manufacturers. If you want to use the chair, make sure you use it with the least level of intensity.

Can kids use a massage chair?

Don’t let the kids use a massage chair until their bones are strong enough to handle the pressure. And make sure to use the lowest level of intensity in this case as well. 

Bottom Line

To cut the long story short, we personally recommend you to get a massage chair with a full body massage function where you will get all the features that you may ever need in any situation. Maybe you don’t need a feature that the chair has.

But you have other family members, friends as well. Relatives, friends may come to your home and enjoy a great massage if you consider having all the features possible. No matter what the situation is, we hope that you now know how to choose a perfect massage chair?

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