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Top 5 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviewed of 2020

by Louis Miller

Best zero gravity massage chair

Going to a massage and spa center and getting a good massage can effectively relieve you from pain, soreness, and stress, and it can improve your posture along with alleviating muscle tension for sure. But neither everyone has a massage center nearby nor everybody has enough time and money to spend regularly on a massage therapist. Fortunately, you can get the best zero gravity massage chair to massage your body in multiple massage methods with a single investment.

There is a big difference between getting a regular massage chair and a zero-gravity massage chair. The zero gravity or as the astronauts like to call them the “Effective weightlessness” plays a big role in reclining your body with ultimate comfort and relief from pain, stress and other uncomfortable situations in your body. In this article, we came up with the best zero-gravity massage chairs that you can find in the market right now.

What is a zero gravity massage chair?

This gravity massage chair is for them, who don’t really have any idea what a zero gravity chair is. Don’t worry, you’re not turning your home into a Space Station or a NASA science project. What a zero-gravity massage chair does is, it will take your body to a reclined position just the way astronauts do in space. In the modern era of workaholism, you are on your butt or feet all day which is one of the main reasons to feel numbness and stress throughout your body and mind. A zero gravity massage chair will distribute your whole body weight evenly to the chair and make you feel completely weightless. and the chairs are often heated as well to alleviate your back pain.

How does it work? The heated zero gravity massage chair will lift your legs up, just to the height of your heart or some centimeters higher. And at the same time, it will bring your upper body down and level it to your legs, where your head stays some centimeters down your heart as well. Eventually due to the earth’s gravitational force pulling you down, the whole mass of your body evenly to the spine and you feel weightless. NASA was the first to invent this technology to help the astronauts overcome the heavy gravitational pull during space missions. Now we have this tech in our daily life recliner. 

Zero gravity massage chair health benefits

The benefits of a zero-gravity technology in a massage chair are countless. The most effective benefits of a zero-gravity massage chair are: 

  • It improves your blood circulation and helps you oxygenate your lungs.
  • It helps you detoxify your blood by quicker blood flow through your veins.
  • Improves your total body ecosystem from head to toe.
  • gives you complete relaxation of muscles, neck and whole back.
  • Improves your body posture, regulates high blood pressure and so on.

Note: To know more about zero gravity massage chair recliner tech and benefits, you can read this article.

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Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

TinyCooper Zero Gravity Massage Chair

FOREVER REST Zero Gravity Massage Chair FR-5Ks

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

The 5 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews

The full body zero gravity massage chairs work more effectively on your stressed body and mind. So, taking the zero-gravity tech into account, we’ve come with reviews of the best 5 zero-gravity massage chairs currently available in the market.

1. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Full Body Kahuna Massage Chair

This massage chair comes with a computerized L-tack body scanner to measure your body shape and give you a custom massage and relaxation. This scanner is equipped with 4 massage rollers to massage your entire back from neck to the buttock to relieve you from stiff muscle and bone pressure.

If you have lower back pain, the heating therapy of this chair will give you a faster recovery from the pain around your hip and calves. For even better recovery, it has air massage therapy on board to make sure your full body is recovered from whole day stress at work.

Its 3-stage zero gravity massage technology that gives you a completely weightless feeling while massaging your full body for relief from chronic pain and stress. This chair comes with 6 different types of massages, Shiatsu, Rolling, Kneading, Tapping, or a combo to cure you from muscle fatigue and pain from head to foot.

Zero Gravity Features:

  • This chair has the Robotic L-track body scanner to detect the curves of your spine and personalize the message.
  • There are 6 massage settings in this chair and the yoga stretch works with them for better recovery from fatigue.
  • It has a 3-stage zero gravity technology that helps you recover from day-long stress faster than usual.
  • Its heating therapy works on the lower back and calves for faster relief from back pain and stiff calves.
  • It has airbags all around your body that gives you 6 different air massage for proper recovery from muscle pain.

2. TinyCooper Zero Gravity Massage Chair

TinyCooper Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This massage chair has SL double-tracking technology that measures your neck to thigh with your body width and weight to give you a  custom massage therapy. It offers a 3 level custom shoulder measurement that massage your neck and shoulder to give you comfort from headache and neck pain.

There are 2 heating pads located behind your lower back that can heat up to 45°C to recover you from sore muscles and damaged tissues. It’s combined with 14 Airbags around the chair that work with an auto timer of 15-30 minutes for custom massage and stimulate the blood circulation of your body.

The true zero-gravity technology in this chair makes sure you are getting ultimate comfort on your whole body with completely weightless feeling. And, it’s 3D robotic hands and rollers work on your neck, whole back, waist, hips, and legs to relieve aches, lumber pain and muscle stiffness around your body.

TinyCooper Zero Features:

  • This chair has an extended 51.18″ SL double tracker to understand your spine and give you the highest comfort while massaging.
  • It comes with 6 different massage techniques dedicated to effective removal from chronic pain and stress.
  • This chair has true zero gravity technology with yoga stretching to make sure the whole massage is satisfying.
  • It has a shoulder measurement technology from 1.57″ to 8.27″ to personalize the massage plan for neck pain.
  • It works with 5 dedicated Motors for different parts of your body to personalize the massage experience.

3. FOREVER REST Zero Gravity Massage Chair FR-5Ks

FOREVER REST Zero Gravity Massage Chair FR-5KsThis massage chair has multiple massage modes including shiatsu, kneading, knocking and more to give you recovery from muscle fatigue. Its I-track mechanism takes a measurement of your back and adjusts the roller mechanism with custom massage settings for better relief from muscle tension.

Its true zero gravity technology works with 3 stages to message you in a weightless mode that amplifies a quick recovery from pain and aches. This feature is combined with full-body yoga stretching mode and provides a deep relaxation from your neck to toe after a long stressful day.

The heat therapy of this chair works directly on your lumber and relieve you from lower back pain and increase blood flow. For even better soothing relaxation, the air massage bags are ideally located around your muscles to ease them from stiffness. And its foot rollers work on your acupoints and stimulates your body functions.


  • The 3-stage true zero gravity with yoga stretches gives you an instant relaxation for stress from work.
  • It has 7 different massage modes that work with both automatic and manual settings for full-body relaxation.
  • The foot rollers give you acupressure therapy for better blood flow around your body and metabolic stimulation.
  • It has the robotic I-Track technology to understand the spinal curve and plan a customized massage setting.
  • This massager comes with vibration and air massager with multiple intensity levels for mild and soothing relief.

4. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This zero gravity massager offers a true zero gravity mode while massaging your full body and gives you a comfortable massage experience. This weightless zero gravity mode works in 3 stages: initial, comfort and deep gravity mode, and you can cycle between the stages according to your stress level.

It has 8 massaging heads covering your entire back from neck to buttock making sure that you are out of all kind of neck and back pain. This chair also has double-heading pads behind your lumber giving you a soothing warm therapy to your back to save you from back pain.

The heat therapy is even extended to your feet that works alongside the foot rollers to give you the ultimate relief from stress and anxiety. There is a whopping amount of airbags covering your whole body to recover and ease the stiff muscles and for relaxation after a long working day.

Real Relax Features:

  • This chair has 8 massaging heads pointing towards your entire back for pinpoint body massage and relaxation.
  • It offers a true 3-stage zero gravity massage experience that gives you a weightless feeling while massaging.
  • It has 50 airbags ideally located around all your muscles for muscle recovery and better blood circulation.
  • There are 4 heating pads under your 2 feet and lumber for soothing treatment to the stiff muscles.
  • Its foot rollers are located directly under the acupoints of your sole that can effectively relieve you from headache and foot pain.

5. Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage ChairThis massage chair comes with double heating pads for giving you extended heat therapy to promote blood circulation and help get rid of body waste with sweat. This heating therapy works alongside 35 airbags around your whole body, it’s ideal if you have joint problems or chronic muscle pain.

The chair features a true zero gravity technology that allows you to recline your full body with weightless massaging for ultimate relaxation after a stressful day. This intelligent zero gravity mode also helps you get a full-body stretching from neck to toe and ease the stiff and painful muscles.

It has 8 dedicated massaging points covering your entire back with multiple massage settings including shiatsu and other therapies, they give you a soothing relief from pain and aches. Moreover, there are double massaging rollers under your feet to provide you a pinpoint kneading therapy for better blood flow to your full body.

Zero Gravity Features:

  • This full-body massager has 35 airbags to cover all your muscles of your body and recover them from day-long stress.
  • It has a true zero gravity feature that gives your full body a complete weightless massage for ultimate relaxation.
  • This chair has a double padded heat therapy mechanism, it will give you an easy relief from back pain.
  • There are 8 massage points in the entire back of this chair, they give you pain relief from your neck, back, and waist
  • It comes with double foot rollers, they intelligently increase your blood circulation all around your body.

Things to consider before buying an affordable zero gravity massage chair

Although the things are pretty similar that you should consider checking before buying a massage chair with or without zero-gravity technology, there are some extra things to look for in a zero-gravity specific massage chair which are:Best zero gravity massage chair

Know if it’s truly zero-gravity:

When you are trying to get a zero-gravity massage chair, it’s pretty important to know how authentic the zero-gravity massage function in the selected model or brand. Go through the mathematical terms of the zero-gravity function and you can check the user review section to find people are getting benefited with it.

Zero-gravity functions:

When you have an authentic zero-gravity function enabled massage chair, don’t forget to check the adjustability of the function as well. A zero-gravity adjustable chair will offer you 3 stages of zero gravity reclination. They are often defined as initial, comfort and deep zero-gravity. 

Check for air massage bags:

With the help of the airbags in a massage chair, it helps you rebuild and heal your torn muscles and make them calm. When you are shopping for a massage chair, make sure it has enough airbags to give you a complete body air massage.

Heating technology:

A good massage chair will definitely offer you a heating technology with single or multiple heating pads behind your lower back, calves, under the feet. If you have back pain, the heating pad will fasten the relief from back pain and it also helps you with better blood circulation.

Body tracking technology:

A good massage chair always comes with a body tracker technology such as S-track, L-Track or hybrid. This technology takes a measurement of your whole back from the skull to buttocks and plans a personalized custom message setting only for your body size and shape.

Note: If you are not clear on how to find the most suitable massage chair for you, please read our article on a detailed guide.

Usage &  Maintenance of a massage chair

A massage chair is undoubtedly a very good addition to your households and it helps you live a healthy life. But if you want to get the maximum support from your massage chair, you have to use and maintain the chair with your maximum care.

  • As it’s a zero-gravity massage chair, make sure you set up the chair leaving enough space to the wall. Best chairs come with space-saving tech.
  • Use your massage chair directly to the wall socket instead of a secondary multi-plug.
  • Use an air blower to blow off the dust trapped inside the chair and use a vacuum to clean the footrest.
  • Keep your massage chair neat and clean to get the best performance from it.
  • Oil your chair if it has natural components on it, like leather, wood. Body oil, sweat, dirt can damage the surface cover.

How clean your massage chair and Safety Tips

Your therapeutic zero gravity massage chair is electric, so you have operated it with maximum care and strictly follow the safety precautions. If you want your chair to serve you a really long time, keeping it clean is a must. Here are some key things that you should be aware of;

  • The device is eclectic, always keep it away from water, Don’t let the kid play on it with water.
  • The chair is covered up with leather or cloth, so be sure to keep it away from sharp things like needles, pen, screwdriver, etc.
  • Never leave your massage chair powered on but not using, make sure the chair is being used once started.
  • Never put your massage chair near to humidity nor to the direct sunlight.
  • Use the chair just the way the manufacturer told you to operate it, or it may break down often.
  • Clean it regularly with an air blower and blow away all the dust from inside. 
  • Clean the surface leather and remove sweat, dirt, or any other things that are harmful to the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are zero gravity massage chairs worth it?

If you are getting the right true zero-gravity massage chair that has all the good features like intensity and altitude adjustability, it will definitely worth it.

Are zero gravity chairs good for you?

If you are a corporate person, athlete, or you hit the gym regularly, it’s better to get a zero-gravity chair for you.

Is it OK to sleep in a zero-gravity position?

It’s completely OK to go to sleep while you are in a zero-gravity position. But make sure the massage function is off while sleeping.

Can zero gravity chairs lay flat?

Zero-gravity chairs do make you almost flat. But the chair doesn’t go all flat while in the zero-gravity mode. Being all flat doesn’t ensure the true zero gravity position.

What is so special about zero gravity chairs?

Well, unlike other massage chairs, a zero-gravity massage chair will ensure the maximum possible ease and comfort for you and it’s a better practice than without zero-gravity. 

Final Remarks

It’s a completely different experience to use a massage chair that is equipped with zero-gravity technology. If you’ve used ordinary massage chairs without the zero-gravity function, it will be a whole new experience to use it in zero-gravity mode. Whether you are getting it for the whole family or just for yourself, we’d like to suggest you check the editor’s choice, Kahuna LM6800, which is versatility for multiple people. Make sure you check out all the massage chairs above and make a wise choice to get the best zero gravity massage chair that suitable for you. 

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