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Best Massage Chair Under 500 In 2020 – Highly Recommended

by Louis Miller

Best Massage Chair Under 500It’s true that in order to get a good massage chair, you need to have a good budget for it. But if you are in need of a massage chair so much and don’t have a big budget to spend on it, it’s hard to point out the best massage chair under 500 dollars. However, here are a lot of criteria to look upon and there are things to consider as mandatory and what are the auxiliary ones. So, after a very long time of research and consideration, we have compiled the best inexpensive massage chairs for you. 

Are massage chairs good? 

When you think about a massage chair, you must know that a massage chair is not a medicine that can instantly cure your back pain or headache or something like that. Instead, a massage chair makes it easier for you to naturally go back to the perfect posture your body actually needs to be in. While a chair makes your body go to an optimal position with its various technology inside, it also makes sure you get a natural process of getting a high-quality massage that helps you get a better blood circulation, better immune system, pain relief, and so on. 

A massage chair comes with specific technologies for different types of problems you might have such as lower back heating therapy will particularly work on your lower back pain and better blood circulation. If you think of a human massage center, you will have to spend more time and money to get a massage by hand. But a massage chair can save you on them both. So, It’s really a blessing to have technology helping us stay fit and live healthily. 

Benefits of massage chair

There are a number of benefits of using any massage chair, for that you will have countless benefits. We come to know some of them, and now let’s show these up to you.

  • Quick relief from back pain- If you have lower back pain, a massage chair will effectively work on that using a heating pad under your lumber.
  • Improve immunity- A massage chair increases your white cell count while lowering the cortisol. So, your immune system gets a boost.
  • Muscle recovery- If you do a lot of muscle-intensive works, a massage chair will effectively help the torn tissues to rebuild.
  • Blood pressure- A massage chair will help you keep the blood pressure even to all the organs in your body. 
  • Takes care of your heart- A big specialty of a massage chair is its capability of keeping your cardiovascular health to its top-notch service.
  • Allows you to sleep better- A massage chair helps you sleep way better by keeping your tension out of sight.
  • Improves your mood- Massage chairs increase the release of endorphins that keeps your mood positive and make you feel good.

Note: You have got a glimpse at the benefits of a massage chair but there are more and we have covered it all here.

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Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

OWAYS Massage Chair 3D Full Back Massager

Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Couch Chair

Flash Furniture Massaging Chair

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner 

The 5 Best Cheapest Massage Chair Under 500 Reviews

Cutting a very long list short, our team came up with these best cheap full body massage chair, so that you can get the top-rated massage chair and still be able to keep the budget under $500

1. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

This one from BestMassage is our top rated massage chair with a lot of features. We were a bit disappointed as it doesn’t come with a footrest. But it made us happy more as the rollers move on a long SL-curved track which we didn’t even find in some more expensive massage chairs.

Also, this chair has wireless speakers so that you can connect your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music while relaxing. At the same time, you can charge your mobile phone with its USB charging dock.

This compact chair comes with airbags, rollers, vibrators, and heating pads. So, there will be no compromises on the massaging options. The rollers can move to the lower part of your body, making it worth your investment. So, read the reviews and see the real customers’ experiences.

Full Body Electric Features:

  • The chair comes with 3 preset programs, but you can customize massage with your preferences.
  • With vibration, heating pads, rollers, and airbags, you will get 5 massage modes, namely knocking, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and air pressure.
  • The rolling system has a long track that can give you massage from the upper back to way down under the seat.
  • This is a comparatively small chair that can withstand up to 200 pounds and accommodate people with a height less than 5’10”.
  • You can charge your phone and connect to the chair to play your favorite music while relaxing.

2. OWAYS Massage Chair 3D Full Back Massager

OWAYS Massage Chair 3D Full Back Massager

This is a unique massage chair with its design and functionalities. The whole frame is made from durable and strong wood. The design makes it not only a massage chair but also a rocking and relaxing chair.

The footrest is not that long to support the leg but has enough length to relax. With its adjustable pillow, any person can sit comfortably and has a vibrating function. You can control its intensity on 7 different levels, and it will soothe you no matter how stressed you are.

Moreover, the neck massager can be adjusted to have a perfect neck massage. Overall, this chair is capable of relaxing the whole body within half an hour. So, if you like something wooden and comfortable linen upholstery, you must buy this one.

OWAYS Massage Features:

  • The cushions are very comfortable, and it can give you massage from the upper back to the lower back.
  • You can also enjoy rocking motion while getting a full-body relaxing massage.
  • With the remote control, you can set the intensity of the massage and select the points of getting massaged.
  • Inside the lumbar support cushion, it has a heating element to give you a mild heat therapy to remove back pain.
  • For more comfort, it has breathable linen material, and the color matches any decor of any room.

3. Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Couch Chair

Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Couch Chair

Here we have got another very relaxing massage chair with an ottoman set. The chair has a standard design and full black upholstery so that you can buy it for any location. You can place it in your bedroom, living room, or your office without damaging the look of the room.

In terms of the massaging features, you will get different modes and intensity levels. You can control those easily with a handy remote control. Moreover, it comes with side pockets so that you can keep your smartphone, books, remote controls, etc. close to you while having a massage.

The stool footrest also can give you different massage therapies decreasing the pain after a long day of work. The upholstery looks very comfortable, and it is easy to clean. Finally, you can choose it for its features, durability, and a great price.

Best Choice Products Features:

  • This chair offers 9 massage intensity levels and 2 modes of massage therapies, which are kneading and heating.
  • You will be able to get kneading on the full backside, thighs, and calves.
  • The remote control of this chair is wireless, making it convenient to use and store on the side pouch.
  • It comes with easy-to-clean faux leather, which is also durable and comfortable to sit.
  • It also has a sturdy metal frame, which is strong enough to take up to 250 pounds.

4. Flash Furniture Massaging Chair

Flash Furniture Massaging Chair

For the price, you won’t get anything with zero gravity, but this is not less comfortable. For relaxing, it has an ottoman set in black for resting the foot and different massage modes on 5 intensity levels. This one is the cheapest massage chair on our list yet it comes with appreciable features and performance.

In the end, your legs, lumbar area, thighs, and the back will be stress-free. This chair can fit any decor, and you can buy it for even office use due to its formal design. The remote control of the chair gives the option for quick massages after a long day of work.

Moreover, there are heating pads on the lumbar area, which will recover your muscles by relaxing from the core. With integrated headrest and plush upholstered arms, you will be able to relax for long hours.

Flash Furniture Features:

  • This is a recliner chair that can give recline to a very relaxing position.
  • The chair comes with an ottoman set so that you sit relaxing with your feet up.
  • The remote control can give you 9 massage modes and 5 intensity levels.
  • It has a large side pocket that can store various things like remote control, smartphone, books, etc.
  • The double padded cushion on the back and leather-soft upholstery will ensure maximum comfort.

5. MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage ReclinerThe problem for elderly persons with these big chairs is that they feel pain and are very tough to stand from sitting. To solve that problem, you can buy this chair for yourself or a senior member in your family as it has a power lift feature.

The remote controller that comes with the chair will lean forward to let you stand comfortably. Furthermore, it can recover back pain and relax muscles in different locations by giving you 5 types of massage, namely wave, auto, normal, pulse, and press.

As a result, your legs, thigh, lumbar, and back part stay strong without having any stress. The quality of the upholstery might not be satisfactory, but we reconsidered it for the price. With those helpful features and overall build quality, you can consider buying it.


  • The hand rest comes with cup holders and pockets on the side for storing remote control, book, or other things.
  • It has a power lift feature that can lean forward to help seniors stand up without feeling pain in the joints.
  • The design and comfortable cushions will let you sit for hours and relax in a full-reclined position without having back pain.
  • This chair can massage you in 4 different areas with 5 modes of massaging for maximum relaxation.
  • Also, it has heating pads on the lumbar area for relaxing the muscles and relieve you from chronic back pain.

Things to consider before buying a massage chair:

When you think about getting a massage chair, but don’t have a good idea about massage chairs in general, it’s obvious to get confused about what are the key things you should look for in a massage chair. So, here are some key features you must look for: 

Define your purpose first:

Before jumping into the features and conveniences of a massage chair, be very sure what purpose this massage chair is going to serve you. If you are a corporate person who sits all day and works on the desk, you may need the zero-gravity recliner feature more than the heating tech in your massage chair.

S or L Track:

This feature is an awesome technology that actually takes a measurement of your whole back from the neck, all the way down to your lumber, or the buttocks if it’s the L-track you are thinking about. The L-tack is the latest addition to the massage chair industry. 


This cool feature will take your massage experience to a whole new level and turn your long stressful day into a joyful one with buttery smooth weightless feelings. 

Massage methods and techniques:

This part of a massage chair is the main part we are looking for and the features actually a massage chair gets its charm on. Big-budget massage chairs come with tons of massage methods and custom massaging settings. With your budget, the more auto and custom message settings you get, the better an experience you will have with your massage chair. 

Air massage:

If you are a muscle smasher, you should eagerly look forward to this special feature before any other feature. A massage chair can ease, calm and please your whole body with its air massage feature. Usually, the airbags are located on your arms, shoulders, waist, thighs, calves, leg area, where all your muscles are located.  Be sure to look for as much airbag coverage as you can. 

Body stretching:

This feature makes a massage chair an intimate one. What it does is, it will grip your feet, calves and other lower parts of your body and upper parts of it. then it will pull you both back and forth at the same time to stretch your whole body. This helps your ligaments to work better.

Note: Read how to choose a perfect massage chair and act like our experts to win as a buyer.

Massage Chair Maintenance and usage

For the best result out of your massage chair, you must take very good care of it and keep it on regular maintenance. Here, we will give you some tips on how you can take care of your massage chair and do the maintenance work on it. 

  • You have to keep your massage chair clean if you want it to serve you for a really long time.
  • The footrest often gets dirty, use a vacuum cleaner to clean its footrest and other corners and open parts.
  • Remove all the removable parts of your chair, clean them separately, and reattach them later.
  • If the surface is made from Genuine or synthetic leather, periodical clean up will be needed. 
  • Remove body oil, hair gel, perspiration, and other dirt are needed to be removed, or the cover will damage.
  • Keep the chair out of the reach of any sharp thing that can puncture and damage the leather cover of the chair.
  • Don’t use it if the electric cord is torn off or got damaged, don’t use it if it has broken inside as well.
  • Use an air blower to blow out all the dust inside the chair.
  • Plug your chair directly to the wall socket instead of a secondary outlet like a multi-plug.

Safety precautions

Just like any other electric appliances in your home, your massage chair also comes with some safety precautions. Here are some safety tips you should follow if you are going to use a massage chair. 

  • Don’t use an adapter that doesn’t match up with the instructions of the manufacturer. Ask your supplier what is the perfect adapter for the particular chair you are getting. UK adapters are not the same as the US or China, you need to keep it that way for a better service.
  • Whenever you are handling a gear that runs with electricity, you need to make sure the maximum precautions. Don’t use a torn or damaged electric wire or power cord to operate your massage chair.
  • Overuse of a massage chair can harm your body badly. Don’t use it more than 30 minutes in a row and set a timer to turn off if you want to sleep or keep inside the chair. Overuse or keeping inside it won’t help you more.

Frequently Asked Question

Can massage chairs hurt your back?

At the beginning of massaging, sudden pressure on the back can create tiny tears on your connective muscles and tissues, that can cause a little pain on your back. So start massaging with a lower intensity level unless you are a well-experienced user.

Can you sit in a massage chair pregnant?

It’s not clear from any source that using a massage chair can harm your pregnancy. But experts say that you should be careful about a high-intensity massage on your back, as the vibration can harm the fetus.

How long can you sit in a massage chair?

Experts suggest not use a massage chair for more than 30 minutes a day. But they suggest to use it for up to 15 minutes in a row.

What time of day is best for a massage?

The best time for getting a massage is around 4 PM as this time isn’t crazy busy and it’s not right after breakfast, lunch or supper.

What should you not do before a massage?

Drinking alcohol before getting a massage is strictly a NO NO. Don’t use a massage chair right after eating, not if you’re in a hurry, right after a shower.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best massage chair really depends on your needs and the purpose it will serve along. If you’re trying to get the most out of a budget as an all-rounder, we’d like to suggest the BestMassage shiatsu massage chair. Because this particular massage chair comes with some features like SL-Track that you can possibly get in a more expensive one. Within this compilation of best massage chairs under $500, you will surely get the one you are looking for.

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