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Best Massage Chair Under 2000 Dollars – Top 5 Picks In 2020

by Louis Miller

Best massage chair under 2000

If you are looking for a massage chair capable of reclining your full body and all the other features that make a massage chair stand on the line, but you are not ready to spend too much for brand gimmicks. If that’s the situation, you must have been trying to find an affordable and full-featured massage chair.

That is why we are reviewing the best massage chair under 2000 dollars and we assure you that these chairs will satisfy you. After a lot of time spent on research, we selected those models that come with L/S-track feature that is only seen on high-end chairs. So, let’s get started with the reviews and some knowledge base at first.

Do massage chairs work?

If you don’t own a full body massage chair or never used one, whenever you are thinking about the hype of it, the first thing that comes to mind is this; Do massage chairs work? Or is it just a gimmick. Now, when the massage chairs were introduced to the world, they were not so advanced in technology, they had shortcomings. 

But, the industry kept evolving and the interest of the people kept going high, the chairs also kept developing and imitate the real-life therapists. In these modern days, massage chairs and all the internal components are intelligent enough to imitate the way of human touch massage. 

The robotic rollers, 3rd generation airbags, Controllable heat therapy, Acupoint foot massager and all others combined to deliver a real-life massage experience. So when you will get used to your chair, you will find it doing just the job you wanted to do with it. 

Benefits of use massage chair

There are tons of benefits of owning and using a zero gravity full body massage chair as your own. Despite the financial benefits, in the long run, I’ll talk about the health benefits of using a massage chair here: 

Improves your mood:

The chemical named Endorphine, released from our body and makes us feel good, that’s why it is called the ‘feel-good chemical’. When you use a massage chair, your body releases more endorphins than usual. So, using a massage chair in melancholy can be a good approach to feel better.

Improves your sleep:

Using a massage chair will increase your serotonin level and your brain converts that into sleep hormone, melatonin. So, if you use your massage chair before bedtime, it can bring you a blissful sleep at night.

Improves your heart:

Research shows that massage can serve a person a huge treatment the cardiovascular health by reducing stress levels and improving blood pressure. We know that these are the major contributors to heart disease. Massage chairs effectively reduce a hypertensive heart rate and calm a tense person. 

Improves blood circulation:

When you use a massage chair, it effectively works on your blood circulation by massaging on the important parts of your body. By massaging on your feet, back, arms, neck, shoulder and so on, it is way easier now to get a great blood flow throughout the body, which is really important to keep the body working fine and dumping wastes.

Improves your immunity:

Research shows that massaging can boost one’s immune system because during a massage, the activity of your white blood cells increases. And white cells fight viruses in our body and it’s increment means the decrease in cortisol as well. which is so much important to destroy killer cells.

Fasten recovery from back pain:

Lower back pain is the most important cause of disability, says the American Chiropractic Association. Research shows that massage can fight back for chronic back pain and it can release you from it. Along with point targeted massage methods, massage chairs also come with heating therapy for the lower back of your body to fasten recovery from back pain.

Fasten recovery from headache:

Tension headaches are usually caused by a tight neck, poor posture or a sore back. You may also develop headaches by eye strain and other reasons. A massage chair makes sure that you are getting proper blood flow to all your limbs and reduce the symptoms of tension, pain, headache, sleep disturbance.

Fasten muscle recovery:

If you do a lot of muscle-intensive work or hit the gym, you may give a lot of stress on your muscles and you need to recover the muscles often. A massage chair can fasten the recovery of your strained muscle.

Reduce stress and soreness:

After a long working day of stress and tension, you may want to get a massage to get rid of the stress and soreness. But it’s not always the time to get a good massage. If you have a massage chair, your full body air massage chair therapist is always ready.

Note: We have covered more benefits of massage chair with detailed explanations so that you don’t have any more confusion about its effectiveness.

Table of Content:

Comparison Chart:





New FOREVER REST FR-5Ks Premier Back Saver

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner 

TinyCooper Massage Chair Recliner 

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Foot Roller Zero Gravity

OOTORI SL Massage Chair Full Body Air Massage

Top 5 Best Massage Chair Under 2000 Dollars Reviews

If you are looking for the best chair under a budget range, but want the chair to be able to deliver you a service that will give you a quality massage that can keep you up even with the high-end massage chairs, these are the best choice you could ever have. 

1. New FOREVER REST FR-5Ks Premier Back Saver

This is not a cheap massage chair, and you will know it by taking half an hour of full body massage. You will find that many chairs have a dual roller system where this one comes with a quad-roller mechanism. As a result, you will have a back massage, almost similar to the spa sessions.

You can choose your massaging combination or select one of the 6 preset automatic massage options. No matter what the settings are, you will be able to adjust to the different features of the chair according to your body shape.

Forever Rest is famous for its premium quality chairs, and this massage chair is not an exception. From the hundreds of reviews, you will know how helpful this chair is for a lot of people. Buying this will give you the relaxation you need every single day after stressful workdays.

New FOREVER Features:

  • This chair is capable of providing kneading, shiatsu, rolling, knocking, and tapping massages like a professional.
  • You can adjust the positions, speed, and intensity of massage at 3 different levels to ensure maximum comfort.
  • With airbags on areas like shoulders, arms, hands, calves, and feet, the muscles in the most stressed regions will be relaxed.
  • It improves blood circulation all over the body by massaging with a combination of vibration, rollers, and airbags.
  • The footrest can be stretched a little bit so that tall persons can take the massages comfortably.

2. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

You don’t have to believe if we say that this is the best massage chair under 2000 dollars. But it sure will get your attention if you see hundreds of positive reviews. The real users told us about its performance if it matches to the advertisements.

Surprisingly, most of the claims match the promised performance. This massage chair has a combination of L and S track, which we think is a high-end feature. It will cover most of your body parts and cure major pain areas.

The rest of the stressed areas are taken care of by applying vibration, airbag compression, and maintaining a good posture. It is a recliner chair that can give you the feeling of zero gravity. With its preset programs and stretching mechanism, your full body will be relaxed and recharged for the next day.

Zero Gravity Features:

  • The chair doesn’t take extra space in a full-reclined position, and you can place it close to the wall.
  • With dual foot rollers and airbags in different leg areas, you will have the equivalent of an expensive foot massage.
  • It comes with 5 manual massage techniques that you can set as well as 6 auto programs for quick therapies.
  • On your lower back and leg area, there are heating pads to relax your muscles and heal the pain caused by walking or standing for long hours.
  • This chair has 3 different settings for controlling speed, fixing reclining position, and intensity of the massage.

3. TinyCooper Massage Chair Recliner

If you are worried about comfort because of your height, you should buy this model. It is because the length of this massage chair can be extended up to 4.72 inches. Also, healthy persons can get the perfect massage as it has a spacious sitting area and adjustable roller settings.

The chair’s intelligent body detection system will scan your whole body and reset the massage settings according to your body shape. As a result, stressed areas will be perfectly treated, and you will have a refreshed morning every day. It is essential because all of us have different requirements and pain in different areas.

The airbags and foot rollers are very useful in providing foot massages, which are really helpful for strained leg muscles. Furthermore, it has a HI-FI speaker so that you can enjoy your favorite music while relaxing after a long and stressful day of work. This one costs a bit less than the previous one, and you can seriously consider it for ordering today.

TinyCooper Massage Features:

  • It saves space by moving forward in a full-reclined position and giving you the zero-gravity feel.
  • The chair has 3 adjustable levels for massage intensity, speed, reclining position, and different shoulder width.
  • The S and L track combination with 51.18 inches of track length, you will have a deep massage from upper back to the thighs.
  • The yoga stretching mode will stretch your upper body and leg area, ensuring maximum relaxation.
  • With 14 airbags, 5 motors, foot rollers, and heating pads, you will get 6 different massage therapies.

4. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

This is another one of the best massage chairs for $2000 that you can rely on to have a full body massage. For full-body spa sessions, the costs are so much that you can buy this one with only 5 full sessions. This one-time investment will give you hours of full-body massage every day for years.

We know that it won’t give you the same massage therapies as spa centers, but it is close enough and affordable for mid-income families. The only downside found by the customers is the effort for assembling the chair. But after the assembly, nobody could complain about its massaging performance and features for the price.

Keeping the price competitive and maintaining the quality, BestMassage had to keep its functionalities to some limited options. But you will still get all the basic features and a complete body massage like others. Reading the shared experiences, you will know that your investment will be worth every penny.

Electric Full Body Features:

  • The shiatsu massage therapy performed by the rollers results in reduced stress and fatigue.
  • The airbags are capable of compression and percussion to improve the flexibility and mobility of the muscles.
  • It doesn’t take much space in the full-reclining position, making it perfect for small apartment owners.
  • There are heating pads on the lumbar support area so that you get relieved from back pain.
  • Vibration and several massaging techniques using airbags will give you multiple pre-programmed massage settings.

5. OOTORI SL Massage Chair Full Body Air Massage

This full-body massage chair from OOTORI will keep surprising you even after months of usage. After unboxing the chair, press the button to have a full-body scan. After that, you will be able to get the most comfortable and relaxing massages every time.

It is a perfect chair for tall and healthy persons because of its weight taking and expanding capability. Moreover, its sitting area is wide enough to accommodate healthy persons. On the other hand, the footrest can be extended a few inches so that tall people can buy this chair and won’t regret it later.

Finally, you can connect your smartphone to its HI-FI audio system so that you can enjoy your favorite music while relaxing. Altogether, this is a complete massage chair for anyone whose job nature is stressful. Buying OOTORI SL Massage Chair today will give you no more back pain or muscle spasm.

OOTORI SL Massage Features:

  • With its remote controller, you will be able to adjust the recliner feature on 3 levels and control the massage speed.
  • Also, you can have 3 different massages, namely kneading, tapping, shiatsu, or a combination of those.
  • The chair can automatically detect your body shape by an initial scanning and set the rollers accordingly.
  • In full reclining position, you will feel zero gravity, and the blood circulation will increase dramatically.
  • The S-track and heating pads will relieve you from the pain from the upper back to the lower back areas.

Things should you consider before buying a massage chair

When you’ve decided to spend your hard-earned money to buy a massage chair, we have no right to lead you to a maze of a world of massage chairs. Here are the things you should keep in mind before you go get a massage chair. Be sure to check these things if you want to get a chair that can make you happy and give you the best massage chair under 2000.Best massage chair under 2000 reviews

Know why you need it:

Not everyone needs the same massage chair for their daily life. Everybody has a  different reason or purpose to get a chair that will massage him/her on a regular basis. The first thing you should think about getting a massage chair is why you need it in the first place. If your friends and family are going to use it rather than you alone, find the best massage chair for home, not for just yourself.

Or, are you getting it for commercial use? what type of use, for women or men, and so many other things are to be considered as well like, what is the most irritating problem is it going to solve? back pain? muscle recovery? lack of sleep? different problems have different features in need.

Thermals and rollers:

If you are suffering from lower back pain, getting a massage chair without the facility of a heating therapy is a waste of money and effort. If you are in need of a better whole-body massage, but you get a massage chair that doesn’t have a great pack of massage rollers and a lack of intelligence to massage your whole back, that’s going to be a disappointment. So, be sure to get a massage chair that can relieve you of the physical problem you have.


A good massage chair will offer you a handful of adjustability throughout the chair. You will be able to adjust the footrest If you are a tall person than usual, armrest, the base of the chair and so on. The rollers behind your shoulders should be able to adjust themselves according to your shoulder size as well. 


the best massage chairs come with this latest crazy feature in a massage chair that can completely change your traditional massage experience. It will evenly distribute your body weight into the chair and practically make you feel like all weightless and massage you simultaneously while you feel like you are in space.

Body scanner:

It’s a very important feature the modern massage chairs are offering. This technology takes a precise measurement of your whole back from the neck to your buttock covering all your bumps and lumps of your spine, shoulders and so on. So the massage chair can massage you with a custom setting just made for you. 

Body stretching:

The body stretching technology in a chair will stretch and recline your body with the maximum improvement in your posture and it helps you prevent intervertebral hernia.

Air massage:

It’s a very helpful feature of a massage chair that gives you air massage throughout your full body, especially on the muscles and it is important to get good relief from muscle pain and recovery for the torn muscle. 

Note: In another article, we showed how you can think and search intelligently to find the best one for your home.

Massage Chair Usage and maintenance:

To know how to use a massage chair and how to keep good maintenance is as important as choosing the right massage chair in the first place. In order to keep your massage chair on it’s best to pick and serving you with the best performance, you need to know how to use it and keep good maintenance.

  • Always plug the chair directly into the wall socket instead of an extended multi-plug.
  • Before starting the chair, make sure the electric line is good and the power cord is functioning well. 
  • Clean the chair every week or month and keep it away from dust and dirt. 
  • Before cleaning, switch it off and unplug the power cord.
  • Remove all the removable parts of the chair and clean them very well with a dry procedure.
  • You can use an air blower to remove the dust from unreachable places.
  • wipe off all the fine dust with a fine cotton cloth. 
  • Oil the leather covers and handle if it’s made with natural materials like leather or wood.

Safety tips:

Although a massage chair is a very good addition to your household and can come in extremely handy, you have to be clear about the safety precautions that come with your electric massage therapist.

  • Beware of electricity: Your massage chair is powered by electricity. And as you can understand, whatever works with electricity, comes with safety precautions. Always unplug the chair after every use and use the chair directly to the wall outlet to avoid short circuit and maximum stability of the current flow.
  • When not to use: Your massage chair stimulates your blood flow and rewire your body in a sense. So, don’t use your massage chair while you are in a medical procedure. Never use your chair while having an unhealed wound, circulatory ailments, infections on the body, Don’t use the chair after surgery and if you have a serious rash on your skin.
  • Don’t overuse- Don’t overuse a massage chair, it can cause you some problems like allergic reaction on your body, rash, serious numbness. Overuse of a massage chair also can harm your bone structure and bone density. If you want to lay on it for a long time or sleep on it, be sure to set a timer, then go to sleep. It will stop by itself after the preset time and you will be safe.
  • Don’t use a defective chair- Once you find out a defect in the chair, immediately stop using it and contact your supplier or the manufacturer for a replacement, repair or other safety plans they have for you. 
  • Take care of your chair- Never keep a chair in a dirty place, clean infrequently and never use an aerosol spray to clean it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

can massage chair harm pregnancy?

It’s not proven that using a massage chair can harm pregnant women. But manufacturers don’t encourage to use a massage chair while pregnant. We suggest you to to use the lowest setting while using it as the high vibration or kneading can cause pain in the lower back. Don’t use it when your baby is about to close to born.

are massage chairs dangerous?

Massage chairs are not dangerous at all except if you are trying to use it while safety precautions are told to be strictly followed. And don’t let kids under 6 use it.

can massage chairs cause lower back pain?

No, Massage chairs are designed to relieve you from lower back pain.

Will a massage chair help sciatica?

A massage chair can effectively relieve you from sciatica and it works like a charm.

Does massage chair burn calories?

Yes, Massage chairs can burn calories as it does the circulation in a natural way just like when you run for a long time, push out the bad things and circulates the good things in your body. 

Final Remarks

When we reviewed all of the 5 best massage chairs under 2000we saw that the Kahuna Massage Chair aces them all in terms of features and performance. But you may also consider another model that won’t cost you as much but give you almost the same performance. Order the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair for full-body professional spa sessions that will serve you for years.

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