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Best Massage Chair For Lower Back Pain In 2020 -Top 5 Picks

by Louis Miller

best massage chair for lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints that people commonly have all over the world. Back pain may appear to any person regardless of male or female or age. So, it’s important to find a solution. Statistics show that more than 33 million people get to seek out alternative solutions like a massage for their back pain problem. And we think that the best massage chair for lower back pain can help us in a lot of ways.

Getting the right massage chair would be a blessing, for those who don’t have any therapy center near his residence. A massage chair that specifically works on back pain will give you calm and peaceful relief from your back pain. We’ve compiled a bunch of massage chairs that are designed to work on your back pain. 

Is massage chair good for lower back pain?

It’s important to get an appropriate massage chair that will work on your back pain. To relieve lower back pain after using a massage chair, it comes with a heating therapy and other methods to work on the pain that is taken place between your rib cage and the lower part of your spine. A good massager will treat you simultaneously with massaging, kneading, tapping and heating on the pain area.

With the help of the massage chairs below, you will be able to treat your back pain and the control will be in your hand as you can control the massage intensity levels and the heating temperature.

Note: Some of you still wondering are massage chairs good for your back? After reading our dedicated article answering the question, you will know the truth.

Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair For Your Back

The benefits of using a full body zero gravity massage chair are pretty amazing, especially for back pain. the massage chair can benefit you in other aspects as well.

  • It can decompress your spinal alignment and improve your body posture and stress the whole body as well.
  • You will find the massage chair comes with heating technology which is very helpful for pain relief, sciatica and more.
  • Massage chairs are capable of releasing more endorphins, which is called the happy chemical in our body.
  • The air massage function of a chair smartly relax your muscles and rebuild the torn muscle tissues.
  • Massage techniques like kneading, gripping, rolling, tapping and stretching altogether Improve your blood flow. So, cardiovascular issues will keep away from you. 
  • Boosting your immune system is now easier with the help of a massage chair. It will help you increase white blood cells and eliminate cortisol.

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RELAXONCHAIR Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Full Body Kahuna Massage Chair

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner

Tinycooper Massage Chair by Ootori

Top 5 Best Massage Chair For Lower Back Pain

In this section, we’ve compiled a list of the best massage chairs that are specially designed targeting the people who have lower back pain. All of these chairs have the potential to help you get rid of that stubborn back pain or sciatica. 

1. RELAXONCHAIR Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Shiatsu Massage Chair has zero-gravity systems that lift up the feet to the exact level of your heart and minimize the squeezes of gravity with the backbone, relieve from back pain. The Built-in sensor option takes the measurement of your spine length, acknowledges the pain area and provides massage to the ache point. Two heating pads with the lumbar back therapy heal your tired muscle faster.

Its “Spinal decompression” program stretches the leg and back muscles with the healthy air cells. For  Twisting and stretching the lower back, hip, thigh, shoulders, waistline, and pelvis area multiple airbags work, to inflate/ deflate separately.

This airbag also inflates the hip and waste lines to align the lower back and pelvis area. Four automatic programs give you the professional massage therapist experience along with remote control and a large display screen for observing the activated massage on the chair.


  • The Relaxonchair has a zero-gravity system that lifts up the foot to the heart level to less work on heart and more for relaxation.
  • The built-in sensor option acknowledges the pain area and offers a massage to the ache point.
  • Two heating pads with a lumbar back therapy heal our tired mascle and reduce back pain.
  • Four automatic programs will deliver the experience of a professional massage therapist.
  • A large display screen on the chair shows you the activated massage.

2. Zero Gravity Full Body Kahuna Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Full Body Kahuna Massage Chair

If you look for a real zero gravity massage chair with most popular massaging options, then Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair is for you. No matter where do you purchase it from or when do you purchase it, you will be ended up with a big wow after getting this high-quality massage chair.

The chair offers plenty of useful features and settings to make your experience uncomparable. With 3 stages of zero gravity and 6 auto programs of the shoulder, arm, & calf air massage, lower back & calf heating therapy, and dual foot roller, you will conveniently and confidently get everything that you want from it.

It comes with a smart body scan technology that easily and quickly scans your body to offer you more customized massage according to your body size and needs. One of the best parts of this massage chair is that you will get the highest benefits of adjusting your body as your preferred position that you will not get from other brands.

Zero Gravity Features:

  • The massage chair comes with the popular L-track frame structure with 4 rollers through which you can effectively massage your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips.
  • The chair offers full-body specialized therapy for shiatsu, rolling, kneading, and tapping.
  • You will get 3 levels of massage speed so you can change the speed anytime according to your preferences.
  • Using the 3 levels of air pressure setting, you can adjust the air pressure any moment during your massage session.
  • An extra foot padding and a remote holder will make your experience better.

3. Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair comes with more massage programs, settings, benefits, features compared to most other massage chairs available in the market with a similar price range. With 10 incredible massage options and 6 different massage techniques, you can enjoy the power of variable messages on this affordable zero gravity massage chair.

The auto height detection option of the chair will measure your body size easily and automatically to offer you a more personalized massage. You just need to lay back to the chair, and the smart 3D scanner will do the rest to offer you a customized massage. After laying your body to this chair, you will forget your stress and pressure.

This massage chair introduces a new foot rolling and airbag massage system so that you can relax your body better than earlier. Moreover, you don’t have any tension regarding the space it would take to place. Because of the sliding technology, it will only take about 4 inches from your wall to get fully reclined.

Ideal massage Features:

  • This massage chair is an ideal zero gravity massage chair with the L-track massage system.
  • This model has a forward sliding option, so you get space-saving benefits.
  • It includes a dual-layer head cushion to offer you better comfort.
  • The electric rollers under the foot will treat your tired feet nicely.
  • It comes with wonderful airbags with the multi-chamber option, so you get an effective massage.

4. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Over 80% of the population in the world is suffering from back pain. Instead of taking a massage, they take medicine for quick relief. But our massage chair provides you the best massage service with entertainment.

The Real Relax 2020 Massage chair has a zero-gravity function that will make you feel virtually weightless. For your neck and back pain, this massage chair provides eight fixed massage rollers. Fifty airbags in the chair placed for giving you the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet a massage, and a built-in waist heater can provide you a lower back massage.

The Bluetooth audio play and charging LED light gives this chair a promising look. Now you can listen, the song while relaxing and take a massage. This chair also has six modes; the time limit is up to 30 minutes and can carry over 400 pounds of weight. A high definition VFD display screen on the remote helps you to understand the function easily.

Real Relax Features:

  • The Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair offers a zero-gravity function that will make you feel virtually weightless.
  • Eight fixed rollers for neck and back and Fifty airbags placed for overall body massage.
  • A Bluetooth audio play and charging LED lights provide extra benefits for you.
  • The chair can set up Six modes along with a 30 minutes time limit and over 400 pounds weight limit.
  • A high definition VFD display screen of the remote will help you understand the function of the chair.

5. Tinycooper Massage Chair by OOTORI

Tinycooper Massage Chair by OOTORI

Work for a long time sitting on the chair gives you a lifetime back pain. It’s hard to obliterate the back pain from your body. For your back pain recovery, you can try full body massage chair from OOTORI.

Tinycooper massage chair by OOTORI provides zero-gravity design to give you full recline with less pressure on the heart.  Lower back and calve function provides you a full body massage. Inside the chair, eight massage rollers exist that offer you a great relief from back pain. Also, thirty -two airbags places all over the chair to give massage on your shoulder, arms, seat, and legs for full-body relaxation.

It provides three-level airbag strength and speed control to customizes the speed and strength, also have an option to choose the massage style as you required. Two heating pads of the lumbar area inside the chair, expand the blood vessels of the muscle and increase the full-body blood circulation.

Tinycooper Massage Features:

  • Tinycooper massage chair has a zero-gravity design to recline the full body and decrease heart pressure.
  • Eight massage rollers inside the chair help you relieve back pain.
  • Thirty-two airbags sets inside the full chair to give you relaxation from stress.
  • Three-level strength and speed control system gives you the power to control and customize the speed.
  • Two heating pads on the lumber area dilate the muscle area and circulate the blood all over the body.

Things to consider before buying a massage chair for lower back pain

A massage chair can be a very expensive shopping for so many people, but at the same time, it’s extremely useful as well. Getting a massage chair will last you years, even more than a decade. But, the durability and service depend on how wise you are at choosing the chair in the first place.best massage chair for lower back pain

Back-pain fighting technology:

If you want to save yourself from lower back pain after using a massage chair, Be sure to check if the chair comes with heating technology. If it doesn’t have a heating function and you want to eliminate back pain with it, It’s not going to serve you the purpose you are looking forward to.

If it fits well:

First of all, make sure the massage chair fits your whole body well and it has to be very comfortable while sitting on it. You are getting the chair for the betterment of your body, to get rid of stress and pain, not to get a pain. Have a look at the specs where it says the chair can fit your body size and weight perfectly. 

IF it scans the body:

If you want a massage chair being able to customize the rollers and nodes under the backrest and give your whole back a personalized message. The S-track or L-track technology is capable of taking a full back measurement of your spine, ribs with all the curves and bumps of your back. Then, the tracker will plan a custom massage and massage you according to that.

Massage methods:

Your massage chair has to be able to massage you with multiple different massage methods such as Shiatsu, Swedish massage, acupoint therapy, Yoga stretching and so on. There have to be multiple operating systems as well, such as kneading, knocking, tapping, rolling, gripping and so on. 


Zero gravity is a technology that was developed by NASA for its own space missions. It’s been adopted by the massage chair industry and does a very good job. It resembles the actual zero gravity you will feel if you go to space.

Note: So, what is the best massage chair and how we could find it is explained in another article that you can check out.

How do massage chairs work?

Although the working method of massage chairs can vary from design to design, there are some common things that are present in every modern massage chair. The vibration feature may not be present in every chair, Roller massage and air massage features are available in all of them. Zero gravity features and Space-saving technology are present in moderate to high-end massage chairs. 

How to perfectly use it and maintain

In order to get the best service from the best massage chair for lower back pain, you must use it properly and proper maintenance is the key to a long and great performance from a massage chair. Follow these tips to get the most out of your chair. 

  • Never leave your car unattended if you want to have a long term better service from the chair. 
  • Use the power adapter and power cord that is supplied by the manufacturer and use the recommended power adapter. 
  • Don’t overuse a massage chair. it’s recommended to use it up to 15 minutes in a row and 2-3 times a week.
  • If your chair has the auto timer function, use it to auto turn off your machine if you want to sleep or stay on it for a long time. 

How clean your massage chair and use it safely

Keeping your massage chair clean is a very important thing if you want to have a long-lasting buttery smooth service from it. And just like any other electronic device, it comes with safety precautions.

  • Don’t set up your massage chair under direct sunlight or humidity.
  • Draw electric power directly from the wall socket rather than a secondary multiplug.
  • Make sure you have enough room behind the chair to the wall 
  • You should quickly clean your chair after every use and do a deep clean every week or month.
  • Oil the surface if it’s made from natural material like leather or wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are massages good for lower back pain?

Massage chairs that are designed to fight back pain are more reliable than the once that are just massage chairs in general.

How should I sleep with lower back pain?

You should try to get the best sitting or lying position where your whole back is in its optimal position and apply heat therapy or massage on the affected area.

Do massage chairs help back pain?

Massage chairs are very good at alleviating back pain and achy feeling to your other body parts as well.

can massage chairs cause lower back pain?

If you are using a massage chair for the first time, and start with a high intensive massage while sitting in a bad posture, Yes it may cause back pain.

Should I see a chiropractor for lower back pain?

There are millions of people throughout the world who are getting alternatives to formal medicine for their back pain such as seeing a chiropractor, getting a massage. And so many people are getting benefited.

Final Remark

If you get a massage chair that is designed to serve your back pain, you should be able to alleviate your lower back pain and sciatica just fine and hopefully cure it. The above-reviewed models of best massage chair for lower back pain are particularly designed to alleviate your back pain. Be sure to check the other criteria out before you get your chair. 

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