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Best Full Body Massage Chairs In 2020 – Your Ultimate Guide

by Louis Miller

Best full body massage chair

In this modern world of workaholism, we are so busy working and damaging ourselves. We keep standing or sitting on our feet and spine all day and get stressed quite often. To get rid of the soreness and stress easily, we go to massage and spa centers. But, it’s not easy to find a massage center everywhere and it’s not a budget-friendly idea for everyone as well. On the other hand, everyone can’t afford to spend a lot of money on the spa centers on a regular basis.

And when it comes to a whole-body massage, it’s pretty expensive and takes too much time from preparation to completion. But it’s now easier to get a whole-body massage with various massage modes right in your home with massage chairs. If you are used to having a whole-body massage, it’s important to get the best full body massage chair that will ensure full relaxation.`

Why you need a massage chair?

After a long stressful day at work, or after a workout, both your body and mind are out of order and they need relaxation. A massage chair can give both your body and mind a complete relief from the pain, soreness and it can help you rebuild the torn muscles as well. It can effectively relieve back pain, increase blood flow, release more endorphins, reduce headache and so on. 

When you have a zero gravity full body massage chair in your home, you can personalize your message schedules without wasting any time and live a very active and healthy life for a one-time investment. A massage chair can last you more than a decade if it’s well taken care of.

Benefits of full body massage chair:

Unlike other massaging equipment, we use in our daily life, using full-body massage chairs come with some extra benefits.

  • A shiatsu full body massage chair enables you to massage any part of your body and get rid of any kind of soreness specifically.
  • They usually come with body trackers that enable you to have a custom message, personalized just according to your body size
  • A full-body massage chair effectively improves your body posture and gives you a better movement.
  • It can stretch your whole body from your head to your toe and strengthen your ligaments 
  • Massaging will relax your whole body including all the muscles and spinal posture.

Note: The real question is whether massage chairs are really good for our back. To check out what’s what, please have a 5-minute read of this article.

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RELAXONCHAIR Shiatsu Massage Chair

OOTORI Massage Chair S Track Recliner with 3D Robot Hand

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

Real Relax Massage Chair with Bluetooth

Shiatsu Massage Chairs Full Body and Recliner

Top 5 Full Body Massage Chair Reviews 2020

Full body massage chairs are way more efficient than other ordinary massage chairs or massage equipment available in the market. But, there are tons of criteria that you might have to look upon if you want the best. Here we’ve done that research part for you and compiled the best full body massage chairs and included the benefits of them. 

1. RELAXONCHAIR Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAXONCHAIR Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Shiatsu Massage Chair is a multi-functional chair with zero gravity options that mount up the feet to the same level of your heart and minimize the squeezes of gravity with the backbone to comfort the back pain. The Built-in sensor option measures the spines length and provides massage to the affected area. Two heating pads give you the lower back area massage experience. “Spinal decompression” program pinning the healthy air cells, and slowly stretches the legs and back muscles.

Multiple airbags programmed to inflate/deflate separately to twist and stretch the lower back, hip, thigh, shoulders, waistline, and pelvis area. Side and back airbags of leg and feet with a bottom roller, inflate for compression massage that applies thickened pin-point kneading massage. Four automatic programs of the chair are, giving you the professional massage therapist experience along with one hand remote control and large display screen for observing the activated function on the chair.


  • A zero-gravity system that elevates foot to the heart level to less work on heart and more for relaxation.
  • The built-in sensor option measured the spine length and provided the massage in the affected area.
  • Multiple airbags not only provide the massage on the thigh, shoulders, or lower back area. But also offer pin-point kneading massage in the leg and feet.
  • Four automatic programs designed to give you the artificial experience on the professional massage therapist.
  • One hand remote and large screen display to see the activated function on the chair.

2. OOTORI Massage Chair S Track Recliner with 3D Robot Hand

OOTORI Massage Chair, S Track Recliner with 3D Robot Hand

It’s a harrowing process to get an appointment with a massage therapist. Besides, it takes time to go there and get a full body massage. OOTORI Massage Chair is saving your time and providing you full body massage with a lot of benefits.

This chair has three-level zero- gravity angles (initial, comfort, depth) that keep the heart and knee in a horizontal line to reduce heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation. Airbags of the chair cover the full body area, such as shoulders, arm, feet area, etc. and reduce chronic pain. Two heating pads provide massage to the lower back and waist tissue.

S-track 3D Robot hand massage provides 600 flexible acupoint massage from head to the waist area with shiatsu, kneading, and pudding massage by roller tracks. The automatic body scanning system of the chair collects data from your body and sets the individual massage function. This chair has an extendable power, also has a vibrator to relax your hip.

OOTORI Massage Features:

  • The Chair has three-level zero gravity angles to reduce heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation.
  • Airbags of the chair cover the full body massage and reduce chronic pain.
  • S-track 3D Robot Hand provides 600 massages from the head to the waist area.
  • An automatic body scanning system identifies the pain and delivers the message to the point.
  • Two heating pads provide massage to the lower back and waist tissue.

3. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Electric Shiatsu massage chair is the best massage chair for relaxation and reduces pain from your full body. This chair provides multiple massages to rejuvenate your muscles and tissue.

This electric full body massage chair has three-level intensity control and four-level air massage pressure that works together with other areas to provide a complete enjoyable massage to the full body. A total of 21 airbags combined with a heat therapy system give massage all over the body and recover muscles and joints faster. Also, increase the blood circulation and decrease the pain and ache.

A smart body scanning system with a built-in sensor measures your length of the body and provides massage to the pain point area.  11 single test switch and holt sensor help you to fit in the chair and adjust according to your body shape. This chair provides seven types of massage and nine preset auto massage programs, including stretching, tapping, kneading, combine, air pressure, etc. to give you an excellent massage experience.

Full Body Electric Features:

  • The chair has 3 level intensity control and 4 level air massage pressure to enjoy the massage all over the body.
  • Twenty-one airbags with heat therapy give massage to recover the muscles and joints faster.
  • The built-in sensor system identifies the affected area and set the functions of the chair according to the affected area.
  • 11 single test switch and holt sensor measures the body shape and adjust the chair.
  • This chair provides seven types of massage along with nine preset programs

4. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Do you know over 70% of people are suffering from pain? They don’t even find time to give themselves a massage. What about you? Do you want a massage while relaxing on the chair and listening song? Then Real Relax 2020 massage chair is perfect for you.

The chair has a zero-gravity function that will make you feel virtually weightless. It has eight fixed massage points with roller for your neck and back. Fifty airbags in the chair placed for giving you the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet a massage, also provide you a lower back heating and foot roller massage.

An additional function of this chair is Bluetooth audio play and charging LED light. Now you can take a massage while listening to songs. It will give you immense pleasure while relaxing. This chair also has six modes; the time limit is up to 30 minutes and can carry over 400 pounds of weight. A smart remote control device with a high definition VFD display screen will help you to understand the function quickly.

Real Relax Features:

  • A zero- gravity function will make you feel virtually weightless.
  • Eight fixed massage points for neck and back and Fifty airbags placed for overall body massage.
  • A Bluetooth audio play and a charging LED lights are also attached to the Massage Chair.
  • The chair can set up Six modes along with a 30 minutes time limit and over 400 pounds weight limit.
  • A smart remote control, along with a high definition VFD display screen, will help you understand the function of the chair.

5. Shiatsu Massage Chair Full Body and Recliner Zero Gravity

Shiatsu Massage Chair Full Body and Recliner Zero Gravity

People always find it challenging to make time for their body ache. Sometimes ignore the ache, as they have to give extra time for it. But a massage chair can give you relax and save your precious time by giving you a full body massage.

Shiatsu massage chair provides a zero-gravity function to make you feel weightless, also minimize the strain on your backbone for less work on the heart and more relax for the body. 14 massage point works together to give a relaxing massage experience to the shoulder, waist, back, leg, and foot area. Three preset massage mood not only give you the best massage but also stretches the full body.

Total 35 airbags strategically located for giving you the thigh, calves, hip, shoulders, and feet massage with heat therapy that recovers the muscles and joints faster and relieve the pain. Multiple airbags use carbon fiber for your hip and waistline to align the lower back and pelvis area.

Shiatsu Massage Features:

  • A zero -gravity function makes you feel weightless and minimize the strain on your backbone.
  • Fourteen massage point works together to give a relaxing massage experience.
  • This chair has three preset massage mood set up for stretching your full body.
  • Multiple airbags are technically set to cover the whole body for the massage.
  • Special Carbon fiber attaches to the chair, to the hip and waistline area for aligning the lower back and pelvis area.

Things to consider before buying a full-body massage chair

As massage chairs make your day with mechanical arms, rollers, and so on, there are some technical details and features that you should look for.

Massage methods:

Massage chairs come with an extra possibility to massage you in multiple massage methods like shiatsu, acupoint therapy, Thai massage and so on, which is 

Massage techniques:

There should be multiple massage techniques come with the massage chair. Such as Kneading, tapping, knocking, rolling, stretching, and combo.

Manual massage:

A full body massage chair works best when it has a manual massage option, it allows you to massage a particular body part with any desired massage method.

Other features:

A massage chair does more than just massaging, It can give you heat therapy, air massage as well. be sure to check them all out.


The massage intensity levels and the air pressure level of air massage should come with intensity adjustability. 

Note: We reviewed a lot of massage chairs and developed how one can choose the perfect massage chair according to their needs.

Usage &  Maintenance of a massage chair

As the best full body massage chair helps you live a very active and healthy life, you have to use it following the exact way it requires. So, here are the proper usage and maintenance tips you should follow: 

Customize it properly

When you are using a full-body massage chair for the first time, customize the back massage according to your spinal curves and be sure that you are very comfortable with your posture on the chair.

Sit before starting the chair

When you plan to use your massage chair, sit on it and then hit the start button, this will keep the chair from overheating and proper working condition.

Don’t overuse

Don’t overuse your massage chair. It’s recommended to use a massage chair up to 2-3 times a week and up to 30 minutes in a row. But, using it for 15 minutes is the best practice.

Don’t place in Sunlight and Humidity

It can cause damage to your massage chair both internally and externally. Don’t set up the chair in a place where the direct sunlight falls on it or the humidity can catch on.

Cleaning  your massage chair and Safety tips

  • You should clean your massage chair every week and give it a deep clean every month to make it last and serve you for years. Also clean the body oil, dirt, sweat and other visible dust after every use. Or the cover won’t last long.
  • Check your massage chair regularly if it has taken any damage inside or outside. Make sure the power cord is intact and the internal components don’t sound odd while using.
  • Electric lines and adapters in us are not the same as the other countries. Be sure to match up the recommended voltage of the chair to your adapter.
  • Residual Current Device (RDC) works as the lifesaver of every electrical equipment. This will protect you from fire risks, electric shocks, and other electric risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying a massage chair?

If you have a plan to let your family or friends use your massage chair, then you have to get a full body massage chair rather than a massage chair that doesn’t cover full-body. Because of only a full-body chair worth buying if it’s for multiple people.

Is a full body massage good for you?

Yes, Absolutely. A full body massage chair will enable you to get a massage yourself in a very personalized way on any part of your body as it has coverage to the whole of it.

Is it bad to use a massage chair too much?

Yes. it’s recommended to have a limitation on how often you should use your massage chair. Using a massage chair too much can harm your joints and cause you rash on the skin.

What is inside a massage chair?

There are tons of equipment inside a massage chair, such as rollers, bearings, motors, PCB, air compressors, airbags, and other electronic equipment that altogether makes it possible to massage your whole body.

Is it OK to shower after a body massage?

Yes. you can shower after getting a body massage without any doubt. But you have to be careful about the temperature. Too hot water might make you feel dizzy. Keep the temperature moderate.

Final Remark

The bottom line is, you have to be careful while shopping for a massage chair. Look at what are the main needs of getting yourself a massage chair and don’t focus only on the cheap full body massage chairs. Stick to the primary perspective in order to get your primary demand from the chair to get fulfilled. If you want your massage chair to be able to massage your every inch of the body, this above list of the best full body massage chair is the ultimate solution for you.

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