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Are Massage Chairs Good For Your Back? – You Might Not Have Known About

by Louis Miller

Are massage chairs good for your backWhen you are suffering from back pain or your lower limbs burn you sometimes, It’s better to take action before it’s too late.  Massaging on your back can relieve you from pain and ease the muscles from pinching around. People who are suffering from chronic back pain, find calm and ease when they get some massage on the pain area.

If you are prone to long day work, and if it gives you back pain to sit all day on a chair, the massage chair will be a good solution to that, after a long stressful working day. So, the big question is, are massage chairs good for your back? Do they work on a serious back injury, or do they offer permanent relief from chronic back pain? Let’s start our journey together to find the answers.

Benefits of massage chairs on back pain

Massage chairs are usually equipped with two types of massaging mechanisms; Airbags and Rollers. Both of them cover your whole body with different methods of massage. Rollers will cover your whole back including the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back lumbar, hips and sometimes thighs also. And the airbags are there to cover all your muscles and peripherals including the hands, arms, thighs, outer shoulders, outer hips, calves, feet area. 

Healthy tissue circulation increment and muscle recovery:

As the rollers specifically target your whole back, they are programmed to deliver your target oriented rolling, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, or a combo of two or more massage methods are applied to that area. These can measure your shoulder size, and adjust the mechanical massagers to it. The same applies to the spine, most of the quality chairs are programmed to measure your spinal variations and the rollers are adjusted according to them. 

Now, the airbags are dedicated to massage your muscles by stretching them, squeezing them according to the preset or manual settings. This makes the muscles more flexible. If you are stressed after a long working day, this massage will make sure you are getting a complete muscle recovery and relief from day long stress. Massaging would be the ultimate process to get recovery from the strain and soreness both in the muscles and the back. 

Along with the circulation, the flow of oxygen and various nutrients increases as well, these play a vital role in tissue repair. Toxic elements and stagnant fluids like lactic acid are removed during the massage process. This fastens muscle recovery and boosts the immune system that can keep you healthy and strong.

Heat therapy:

Most of the massage chairs come with heat therapy, that ensures better blood circulation and faster recovery from back pain. The heat therapy is always ideally located behind the lumber and the whole lower back to make sure that it can directly work on the spot of back pain. Some chairs also have heat therapy behind the calves and under the feet. They also fasten the recovery process from whole body pain and stress.

Choose according to your pain level:

When choosing a massage chair, especially for your back pain, make sure you know what level of pain you are in. If it’s just a little pain from bad posture for a long time or just a massaging chair for stress-relief, go for an ordinary massage chair with less functionality. 

But if you are suffering from chronic pain and severe uncomfortable situations, make sure you are choosing the best possible massage chair for you. Make sure, the chair has stretching functionality. A chair with a stretcher will grip your neck to feet and stretch your whole body while pushing them back and relieve you from pain with multiple intensity levels of stretching. 

Features you should be looking for

When you are buying a massage chair, there are so many features other than a multi-level stretcher, that you should make sure the chair has. Are massage chairs good for your back

  • Body Stretching and/or Waist Twist
  • Good coverage of Airbags
  • A number of Advanced Massage Techniques as much as possible
  • 4D Roller Tech (deeper, more penetrating massage)
  • Massage Combinations as much as possible
  • Zero-Gravity technology
  • Space-Saving Technology (if you have a narrow place to place the chair)
  • Heating therapy in lower back, calves, and feet

Especially for back pain:

If you are suffering from back pain and getting a massage chair for back pain, these are the short specs that are going to help you with the pain: 

  • S-tracking, L-Tracking or SL-Tracking technology.
  • Built-in heating therapy behind the backrest of the chair. 
  • Multiple message settings specifically targeting a back with pain such as kneading, shiatsu, tapping, knocking, rolling and so on. 

Durability and repair matters:

No matter how sturdy and premium massage chair you are getting, it will break down someday. So, before you buy a massage chair, make sure that you’re buying a full or semi-modular chair. If you do so, you’ll be able to repair the chair easily. If a part of the chair breaks down, you can buy a new part of the chair and attach it to the main structure. Most of the premium and latest massage chairs come in a modular design.

Second considerable thing is, try to get a chair that uses better metal inside and genuine leather outside the chair. If you are not getting a genuine leather chair, it will not last you long enough. You’ll see that the machine is working just fine, but the exterior is ripped apart and can be used no more. Ask the manufacturer if the exterior cover is replaceable. And make sure the manufacturer has a service center in the nearest possible place to you.

Frequently asked questions

Do massage chairs work?

Yes, massage chairs work just fine, but make sure to determine what is the purpose of getting the chair. Choose accordingly.

Is a massage chair worth buying?

If you can choose the right chair and use the way the manufacturer recommended, it won’t be dissatisfied.

Can I use the massage chair every day?

It’s not recommended to use a massage chair every day. Too often use of a massage chair may harm your bones and muscles.

Is it bad to sit in a massage chair for a long time?

Sitting in a massage chair for a long time has no extra benefits. But if your chair has an open design that you are comfortable to sit on, you can shut it down and use it as a normal recliner.

How often should you use a massage chair?

It’s recommended to start with up to twice a week, After getting used to it, you can increase to 2-3 times a week.

Final thoughts

If you are a person who does a lot of muscles works like heavy lifting, gym or something that takes extra effort to your muscles, Getting a massage chair is a good choice to get rid of muscle strain and increase the blood flow. It’s also recommended if you work day long sitting on a chair not moving that much. It will keep you rejuvenated and that should answer the question; are massage chairs good for your back?

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